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The HLAA Lending Library 

Listing of books and videos available here.

     The HLAA Lending Library is available to any HLAA member in good standing.  Over the years, quite an interesting collection of books, brochures, and videos have been collected about llamas and alpacas....... health care, training, behaviors, etc. 

     The books and videos can be checked out for 20 days at a time with one renewal.  You must call before the overdue date to renew an item.  Otherwise it will be considered overdue and a charge will incur.

     The postage required to send out an item will be paid by HLAA.  Thre return postage will be paid by the HLAA member.  All items must be sent "first class" and packaged correctly to prevent damage.  The well being of all loaned materials will be the responsibility of the person checking out the item.  Any damage incurred will become their responsibility to either repair it to it's former state or replace the item.

     Late fees will be charged for any materials not returned by the due date.  Due date will be located in the back of the books, or attached to the back of the videos.  Late fee charge: $1.00 a day.  Note:  It is not the Librarian's responsibility to remind you of your due dates.  On return of overdue items, charges will be assessed and you will receive an invoice for money due.  No more items can be checked out until all charges have been paid.

     You may renew an item by calling or emailing the librarian before the due date.  The renewal will be for 20 additional days.  Only one renewal will be given per item.

     A full list of items available from the HLAA Lending Library is available here.

     Contact Patti Hodge to check out an item.  Email or call 317-224-7121.  Patti will include the address for return when you receive your items.

     If ever you would like to donate llama or alpaca educational, fun, or fiber items to our library, it would greatly enhance our selection of item and would be appreciated.  


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